Simple DiY belly cream for stretch marks. Just 3 ingredients!

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Make your own wedding veil for less!

Cheap alternative to a fabulous wedding veil made with your own personal touch.

How did I?

NYC on a budget: 12 Cheap things to do

Summer 2018

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Twin pregnancy story!

9 months of doubts, public pressure, memories, and important decisions.

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Español | July 24, 2018
3 Días de Ríos, Cascadas y Montañas Cerca de La Gran Manzana

¿Necesitas un escape de la cuidad pero tu cuenta de banco no esta a tu lado? Hoy les presento nuestra vacaciones de 3 días a unos ríos y cascadas espectaculares

Explore, Travel | July 22, 2018
Too broke to fly? Here’s some waterfalls, lakes and mountain views near New York City

Every time I think of waterfalls, mountains & crystal clear lakes, I think of everywhere but New York and in reality its all here! Today I've got the perfect &

Explore, Travel | July 9, 2018
Lisbon on Scooter

Hubby and I took a quick 2 day trip to Lisbon, rented a scooter and this is what we did and discovered about the capital of Portugal. Rented a scooter

Lifestyle, Tips | June 28, 2018
Tricks to Organizing A Lot of Clothes in a Small Apartment Closet

When living in the city you learn to compromise with little or no closet space in most apartments. Today I'm sharing must-do tricks in order to fit all your clothes

Uncategorized | June 21, 2018
10 Absolutely Necessary Tips for Traveling with Babies

Traveling with infants can be stressful. After having many successful journeys with my twins, I've come up with 10 important tips that has helped me dominate traveling. Tip 1: Stop

DIY, Tips | June 12, 2018
Easy 3-Ingredient DIY Belly Cream for Stretch Marks

Today I'm sharing with you all my belly cream recipe that moisturized and nourished my skin throughout my twin pregnancy. Not only did I save money making it myself, I

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