DIY: 3D Photo frame

When it comes to decorating, the right picture frame can definitely bring your home together. I had the perfect frame to complete my collage of photos on the wall of my living room but the glass cracked. Instead of throwing it away, I made some arrangements and turned it into a 3D portrait of my puppy. This change was super easy and can be done with things you most likely have laying around your house.

Here’s what I used:

  • White and Color Card Stock Paper (optional)
  • Modpodge Glue (can use any)
  • Scissors
  • A Frame
  • A Printed Photo of my puppy on paper
  • Foam board

Check out the video below:

First, I removed, discarded the glass from the frame and set aside the original back board. Then I stacked my printed photo with 4 pieces of card stock paper and started cutting around the edges of my dogs face.

After that I started gluing each copy of the card stock paper to the portrait of the dog hence making it stiff. Note: I did this because I had tons of card stock paper from my wedding. You can skip this process by gluing the portrait on top of a foam board and cutting around it. In the end, you’ll just have a thicker look compared to what I made. After gluing the card stock to the photo, I cut pieces of foam board and glued it to the back of the dog to give it a elevated look.

I brought back the original back board of the frame and cover the picture with a blue card stock. Then I used glue to paste the foam board on the back of the portrait to the blue card stock. Pretty easy right? Hope you like it!