DIY: How to repair frayed purse straps

Say goodbye to the fraying and peeling of purse straps; here’s a step by step directive on how I repaired the strap on my purse to its original condition.


I don’t know about you but when I like something, I use it and use it until it’s completely done and ready to go to the garbage. So when it came to my favorite black purse, I was upset that it was all in good condition except the leather straps. After using it for a while it was fraying and the rubber on the edges kept peeling off so I did some research and found out how easy it is to fix and I thought I’d share the knowledge.Β Here’s the 411:

You’ll need:

Alright so the product for the edges comes in a small 4fl. oz. bottle but don’t worry unless you are planning on repairing more than 20 purses and belts, it should last you a long time.

First step is to cut off all the fraying and peel off the rubber that is left to fall off.

Once I had that clean and neat, I started applying the first coat of edge kote to the straps…

The paint does not have a strong odor and it dries fast so it’s very easy to handle indoors. After coating the edges I cleaned up the strap with the Q-tip and waited about 3 minutes before applying more product to the edges.

I repeated the process 5 times and allowed it to dry overnight before using the purse. That’s it! I know it’s so simple right? You can totally do this!

I Hope you liked this quick and easy lifestyle tip. I will definitely be keeping this product around for other projects…. I LOVE hearing from my readers so don’t be afraid to comment below πŸ™‚ Side Note: I cut my finger cooking in between filming; reason why a bandage suddenly appeared in the photo above. LOL

If the photos didn’t do you justice, I posted the video on youtube: