DIY Ruffle Lamp Shade

Have you ever had something you just couldn’t let go of? Well that was my case when I had to make the decision of keeping or throwing away my lamp. I was moving into a new place and although I had the money to buy a new one, there was something about this lamp that made it special so I brought it along with me. Unlike all the new furniture in my apartment, this lamp was just dirty, ugly, and stuck out like sore thumb so I decided to give it a makeover. I’ve seen ruffle lamps before so I said, how hard can it be? I went to the fabric store and started crafting.


  • 1 yard of Fabric (varies in size of lamp)
  • Glue Gun and sticks
  • Folk-Art Multi-Surface paint

Total: $15 or less

Step 1: Find something round. I used a candle top to draw a circle with a fabric pencil and then I used that circle as ….for the rest. It doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect.


Step 2: Get your handy dandy glue gun and put a small bit of glue in the center of the circle.



Step 3:  Fold ends together creating a U shaped flower.img_6824-copy

Step 4: Add Glue at the bottom tip of the “Flower” and place it on the lamp shade as close as possible.  As you can see my lamp was oh so “clean”, hence why I decided to cover it up. Also I wanted to do two colors but after completing half of the lamp I decided to do all white. so before you start gluing make sure you are absolutely sure that that is the fabric and color you want because removing the fabric is a pain.img_6664-copy


Step 5: Repeat the previous steps until you have covered the entire shade


Step 6 (optional): Paint the base of your lamp. Check paint bottle for texture and coverage. Coat it as many time as needed, I did so twice and let it dry overnight. Tada!