Craiglist Hack: Refurbished Armoire

After searching for an affordable jewelry armoire, I found this cute gold piece on Craiglist but the color didn’t match my room so I grab my magic paint brush, some scrapbook paper and decided to give it a face lift.



  • Zinsser primer
  • Rust-Oleum Black & White paint
  • Newspaper
  • Multi-surface acrylic gold paint
  • Mod podge



As you may know, I live in an apartment in NY so sanding indoors isn’t really an option for me (I can’t handle the mess) so I went straight to the store and bought primer. Before priming, wiped off all the dirt with a humid rag and begin.


After painting the armoire with two coats of primer,Β  I let it dry overnight then I painted two coats of black and white paint as seen in the photos. While doing so, I decided to leave the original gold color of the drawers and started working on the back portion of the mirror.



I unscrewed the mirror and glued two pieces of scrapbook paper with mod podge to the back.Then I used mod podge to glue newspaper onto the knobs. After that,Β  I slightly painted the knobs gold and screwed everything back in place.



That’s pretty much it! I’m very excited to add this “new” piece to my bedroom collection, I hope you enjoyed!