Marbling with Nail Polish: A Frame Makeover

Make your boring frames look like they are made of marble with nailpolish! All the fun details below…

So do you ever get a gift that doesnt go with anything in your house? Well that was thr case with a side by side wood frame I got, it just didnt blend in with anything. I thought about giving it away but I felt like the worse person ever so instea, I decided to give it a makeover with nailpolish.

Ive seen the marble effect used on nails and mugs but never on frames. I gave it a shot and after seeing the results, I must admit, I had to talk myself out of turning everything I own to marble.

I used:

  • Nailpolish (any brand: grey, pink, silver & white)
  • Large container filled with water
  • A stir stick (my makeup brush)