My twin pregnancy journey

“You’re starting off big…you’re having twins!”  were the exact words that slapped us in the face and changed our life. Having a baby is exciting, nerve racking, and stressful but twins, twins is a whole different ball game. Never in a million years did it cross our minds that we could have twins.  We thought the obgyn was joking until we saw the sonogram photo and  OMG there they were- two beans! Here’s our pregnancy story.

The Reveal

I found out I was pregnant on Saint Patrick;s day. My husband was at a work event and I had wandered into my period tracking app. I was checking to see when my next period was due and as soon as I opened the app it said I was 9 days late. Now the app has never been correct but it was never off more than 3 days. I was shocked by how many days had gone by and no sign of my period. I wasn’t feeling any pregnancy symptoms but since I had an old box of pregnancy tests laying around, I decided to take the test. Again- I’m thinking nothing off it so I peed and went about making breakfast. When I got back to the bathroom the digital stick read loud and clear :YES!: Holy cow, I have a human inside me! It wasn’t planned but I was excited. I was so excited that in order to keep myself busy, while my husband was at work, I went to the movies alone and watched Beauty & the Beast 😂. My husband came home late and by then I knew he wouldn’t sleep with the news so I decided to wait to tell him the following morning…I still don’t know how I slept with the thought of a baby.

The following morning my husband thought I was joking until he saw the stick. Although it wasn’t plan we were both happy to be pregnant and ready to conquer this new journey. It was his birthday that week and we announced the news to his family with a onesie. Who needs a blood test!? LOL. In just a few days- we already had made up our mind that it was a girl and the stuff we needed to get (you know cause we can choose our own destiny with stuff like this… yeah right). The day after the family announcement, I made an appointment at a nearby clinic to find out how far along I was and that’s when we got the curve ball; twins! Lets just say the doctor was so nonchalant about the results that we asked him 3x if he was joking.  We were so shocked that we didn’t even acknowledge each other in the doctor’s office. We just stared at the OBGYN in disbelief.  We had to re-plan everything we had set our mind to include 2. Now we had to call his whole family to tell them and I even went back to the store and bought another onesie to reveal the news to my parents.



The weeks passed by and my belly was a no show. I could have sworn that with my small physique, I would  have blown up overnight.  I loved that I didn’t feel pregnant until the last two months of my pregnancy. I was lucky enough to not get morning sickness, swollen feet or any other prego related sickness come to think of it, my pregnancy was pretty boring. I never craved anything except that one time I cried over potato chips. I used work as an excuse to be on my feet and be as active as possible. I flew until I was 26 weeks, carried grocery bags, bent over when cleaning, ate cold cuts and ignore every other ridiculous myth people still believe affect pregnancies. I never ate “for 3”, I ate as usual and took plant based prenatal pills. I loved feeling the boys kick when I ate or played tipico [true dominicans 😂] and NO it did not feel like butterflies. Who ever thought of that comparison has never felt a butterfly in their life. Its more like gas traveling through your intestines but in the same spot everyday. Anyways, my pregnancy was a smooth ride and I’m grateful that God blessed me with that lovely experience..

Most challenging

The most challenging part of my pregnancy was convincing myself I could give birth naturally. Now days its such a rare choice and less with twins, the negative responses you hear from friends, family, and doctors can make you feel like its impossible.  Countless times I heard  “a vaginal birth is dangerous” or “you’re gonna want to get it over with right away”. I’d get the “yeah right, good luck look” and many times I felt alone in my own thoughts about labor.  As a first time mom, I had so many questions and doubts and instead of receiving answers I’d get advice against my goal to deliver vaginally.  Nevertheless, the negativity gave me more reasons to prove people wrong. With the help of my husband I started researching and reading every possible birthing outcome of a twin pregnancy.

Another challenge I faced was finding an OBGYN willing to deliver twins vaginally. When I thought I was set for delivery, at 26 weeks, my doctor decided that she was not comfortable delivering twins vaginally and would only perform a C-section. Despite my healthy pregnancy, she had numerous excuses like the dangers of the umbilical cord being wrapped around their necks or the second baby not flipping head down for delivery. Two fake reasons that I learned from my studies are used to convince moms to get a C-section. She even managed to say it would be hard for me to find a new doctor that late in the game. Like really??!! We were mad she changed her mind but even more pissed that she was trying to convince us with scare tactics.  With that said, I grab my medical records, walked out the office, and started searching for a new doctor. After getting denied as a transfer patient with twins by 4 offices, our maternal and fetal medicine specialist referred me to Dr. Jessica Jacobs. She was just what we needed; a professional, compassionate doctor determine to accomplish OUR goal.

Delivery day

It was 4am and I was in bed sleeping when a rush of water woke me up. I didn’t think it my water because [according to novelas] it wasn’t a puddle but [according to google and the smell] it was, so I texted my husband who was at work and went back to bed. Did I sleep? Ah no, OMG The babies were coming!! I just laid there with my eyes closed TRYING to feel contractions LOL. The sun rose, the clock struck 10am, I made a  grill cheese sandwich and still didn’t feel anything crazy only light cramps. At that point I was in doubt that I was in labor but decided to go to the hospital anyway because I had an  appointment to get tested for Group B strep (GBS). I called my OBGYN and they sent me to Labor and Delivery to get examined. My husband drove me to the hospital and they confirmed I was in labor and because I was expecting twins I was admitted right away. From that point on I was told not to eat or drink anything and administered antibiotics in case I was positive for GBS. Luckily we brought our hospital bag with us and a printed copy of my birth plan which I handed over to the nurses right away.

two hours after being admitted I started feeling my contractions and it felt like strong period cramps. The first hours were manageable and then it started getting real yall!  I was having the worst back pain- it felt like someone was sticking a knife in my back slowly and then taking it out fast.  My belly was strapped to a heart monitor but I refused to lay in bed throughout my labor so I move around the bed to ease the pain. When I was on all four my pain shifted to my lower abdomen and OMG I preferred the stabbing back pain.  My husband said I looked like the bed scene of the exorcist. It was rough!

About SIX centimeters and no drugs later- I got a low dose of epidural. At that point, there was no position or breathing technique that could distract me from the pain. It was so intense that at one point I looked at my contraction chart and the lines were disappearing off of the paper. The nurses even told me I had a strong pain tolerance because twin contractions are worst than a single pregnancy (idk how true that is but it hurt like a B!#$%). After I got the epidural- it was like I wasn’t in labor anymore and could go about my day doing whatever.

The epidural slowed my labor down and after a couple of hours the nurses and my doctor recommended pitocin to speed it up but I declined it. I had read pitocin can affect the blood pressure and/or the heart rate of mom and baby so I wasn’t taking any chances. I continued in labor in the butterfly position- sitting up with my legs open in bed.

The day went by and my delivery room turned into a party room with around 15 or so family members and friends (spanish people don’t believe in waiting rooms). At this point it’s around 2:30am and I’m officially exhausted. I haven’t ate or drank anything since 10am, and the last thing I want to do is push. The epidural was wearing off and I could feel the pain again but all I wanted to do was sleep. My doctor felt comfortable enough with everyone in the room to try to deliver the first baby there but my pushes were doing nothing at all. I felt like I was pushing my face. Eventually I was rolled into the operating room as a precaution and after what felt like a million pushes Soel was born at 3am weighing 5lb 13oz. His umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck so they untied it and cut it right away. He was pale so he was taken to get checked meanwhile my doctor stuck her hand inside me and broke the second baby’s water bag. Three pushes later Shilo was born at 3:03am weighing 4lb 13oz. Soel was breathing but to help him out they hooked him up to oxygen and after being cleaned they were placed on my chest. I was sooooo tired that it felt unreal; I felt like I was hallucinating so that whole crying experience from seeing your child for the first time did not happen. The babies were born 1 day shy from being 36 weeks so they were taken to the NICU for monitoring. I didn’t actually see my kids until the following day (5 hrs later when I slept and felt “alive”again). Overall the lack of food and pushing was exhausting, and the ring of fire was painful but labor contractions were the worst of it all.


I regret going to the hospital so early and not eating a huge breakfast. When I was planning my birth plan, my husband and I said we wouldn’t go to the hospital until my contractions were stronger and closer together.

A couple of things on my birth plan list weren’t granted like intermittent monitoring because [according to them] “twins” and I was expecting that from a hospital but I put in on there anyway. I’m happy I had a list, I felt like the nurses/doctor did their best to grant my written wishes.

Best Advice

You can plan the perfect labor but when it comes to giving birth anything can happen. What worked for me was researching every doubt that came to mind. I’m no doctor but the information is available to you and you can always get second opinions. I felt prepared when I was presented with things like pitocin during my labor. I read everything from birthing experiences to medical studies and every time I overheard  someone say why they got a C-section, I would research more on that subject. I don’t know how many moms told me the were operated because their baby’s heart rate dropped, its head was to big or their pelvis wouldn’t open. Don’t feel trapped by doctors. There are genuine medical reasons to get a C-section so learn what they are and If you don’t feel comfortable with your doctor get a new one and move on.

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to bash women who decide to get a C-section. It is simply my story just remember it’s your body, your choice, and all that matters is that a healthy happy baby is born.