From wood to marble: an easy and cheap way to transform your table

Check out how quick and easy I transformed my boring table into a marble masterpiece with products from the 99 cent store.

Marble is the new black and I have to admit I have become a victim of this new trend. If you’re like me then you’ve already realized that this obsession can be pretty pricey…. Well worry less, a genius person invented Con-Tact Paper that can cater to our marble needs without hurting our pockets. I found mines at a 99 cent store in NY for $1.29, I know Amazing! If you don’t find any in your local dollar store, amazon has a great selection of designs. Here’s the video on how I did it!

You Need:

  • Con-Tact Paper (I used 2 roles: 18in x 5ft))
  • Scissors
  • A ruler
  • Table of choice

First step is to clean your table from any debris or stains. As you can see below my table had more than just dirt…

Next you are going to slowly peel off the back of the con-tact paper and stick it to the edges, making sure you have about two inches to the left side (or more depending on your table) to fold over and cover the length side. I Hope my arrows below help you identify what I’m talking about..

As you can see, I did not peel the entire back piece off the adhesive side because this would of been a total chaos and I would of ended up as a Christmas present. Instead, I removed the back side little by little as I pressed down on the paper to remove any air bubbles. This allowed me to have more control on the paper and avoid any unwanted bumps.

I only needed about 1 1/2 Β role of con-tact paper so when I reached the other side of the table I just cut off the excess and pressed down on the edge.

Then I folded down the edge of the length side and it created a triangle on the corner which I simply cut off.

Now that one side is done, I measured what was needed to cover the remaining area and I cut the exact amount needed leaving it long enough (length wise) to play with the patterns .

So the only downside with cutting/adding con-tact paper is that it will be noticeable so to make it as transparent as possible I tried to match the patterns to the best of my abilities.

Next I removed the entire back side off of the adhesive side and starting pasting it in the middle, matching patterns, and slowly pressing down on the paper to remove air bubbles (you can ask for assistance on this part). Just take your time, I messed up the first time and it was easy to peel off and start over again. After that, I folded the edges and cut the corners like I did to the previous side and voilΓ‘!

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy transformation, I’d love to hear your opinions/suggestions so feel free to comment below.